Its easy to assume that everyone needs rental cars on Maui. But are these cars worth your money? Lets find out.


Why should you consider rental cars on Maui? Renting a car gives you the best opportunity to explore Maui’s most well-known attractions. You can do so conveniently at your own pace and at your preferred schedule. You shouldn’t be in a hurry to visit an attraction or leave too soon just because you don’t want to miss a bus. Even more, you can easily make reservation online for the rental car you need on Maui. Read on to find out why rental cars on Maui are your best choice.


Why Rental Cars On Maui Are Worth Your Money


Rental cars on Maui are worth every penny and here’s why:


Taking a ride share service everywhere adds up


Even with the relatively cheap $10 or $20 rides, the costs add up over a few days, regardless of how convenient that ride share might be. Expect sticker shock if you need transportation from Kihei in South Maui to West Maui. The cost of a trip from Kihei to Front Street during the middle of the week during the day is around $63 one-way.


Rental Cars in Maui


To see all the many island regions, it costs money to hire tour guides and drivers. Hawaii’s cost of living is among the highest in the US, making services like tours more expensive than in other states. You might easily spend $200 on a Haleakala trip that includes transportation.


You can easily end up spending more than you can imagine if you double that cost by each member of your group. With rental cars on Maui, you can go wherever you want, any time you want and explore as much as you can at your own pace. If you’re interested in offroading, find out why the jeep wrangler Maui rental is best for offroading.


Taking the bus eats into precious vacation time


Although using the island’s public transportation system is a cost-effective option, you’ll definitely waste more time waiting for the bus than it’s worth. For instance, if you arrive at the bus stop on time, the bus travel from Kahului Airport to South Kihei with one transfer takes between an hour and fifteen minutes and an hour and forty minutes. That is comparable to a 30-minute driving ride. The wait time adds up. Don’t spend half of your entire vacation waiting at the bus stop.


Many favorite attractions are spread out across the island


Being the second-largest island in the Hawaiian chain, travelling from one side to the other requires both time and energy. It takes hours to drive between popular island destinations like Makena Beach and Haleakala National Park, for instance.


A rental car is definitely your best option if you’re going to multiple Maui attractions and don’t have a helicopter waiting for you. Remote locations won’t be out of your reach thanks to rental cars on Maui. For instance, Haleakala National Park is not serviced by the Maui bus system.


You have complete control over where and when to stop


With tour guides and public transports, you’ll have fewer options for spontaneous explorations because tour groups and public transportation are all on a timetable. With a rented car, you are seated behind the wheel.

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