Is a jeep wrangler Maui rental right for you?

There are many manufacturers of 4×4 jeeps. But chances are, you think of Jeep wrangler when you consider off-roading. Since the 1940s, this automaker has produced enduring off-road vehicles, and even now, many off-roaders choose the Wrangler, Gladiator, or Renegade over all other makes and models.

Do you ever stop to think about why Jeeps make the best offroading vehicles? How come they are so well-liked? Let’s find out why the jeep wrangler Maui rental is best for offroading.

Why Jeep Wrangler Maui Rental is Best For Offroading

The following are what makes the jeep wrangler Maui rental the best for offroad adventures:

The jeep wrangler is easy to maneuver

The jeep wrangler is designed with a short wheelbase that allows for easy agility to drive around obstacles and navigate switchbacks. You will enjoy a Jeep’s low wheelbase if you have ever driven bigger trucks off-road and had to navigate switchbacks or tight corners. The difference in maneuverability between the original Jeep Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited models is marginal.

Jeep Wrangler Maui Rental 2


Ground Clearance

The required ground clearance for driving over obstacles is guaranteed by the jeep’s large tires and suspension. The jeep wrangler’s ground clearance makes it easier for it to climb over obstacles. Also, greater height over obstacles allows you to safely clear them without causing damage to your jeep thanks to increased ground clearance.

The capability and ground clearance of the jeep wrangler usually increase with larger tires or lift kit options. While the new Jeep Wrangler 592 frequently comes with 35-inch tires, the Rubicon range of Jeep Wranglers typically comes with 33-inch tires or larger. You can get any of these jeep wrangler from Bext Premium Jeep Rentals.

Robust drivetrain

Have you ever seen movies of a Jeep going vertically up a rock face while seemingly defying the laws of physics? Well, a robust drive train makes this feat possible. Transmission, driveshaft, axles, and wheels make up the drive train. To give the wheels power, it works with the engine.

Off-roading calls for a strong drive train, and Jeep always equips its 4x4s with cutting-edge technology. Jeep is known for building high-quality 4x4s, so it’s understandable why they make the best off-roading vehicles. This is one more reasons to opt for the jeep wrangler Maui rental.

Jeep wrangler Maui rental articulation

When driving over a large obstruction, the suspension can “flex” or articulate to keep the wheels in contact, increasing stability. This is key for offroading as you drive across several terrains including hills and rocky roads. The jeep wrangler’s articulation ensures a smooth drive even when the road isn’t smooth. Discover relevant tips for driving an offroad jeep on Maui.

Superior Suspension

Jeep cars have solid axles, which are recommended for off-road driving. Each side of the vehicle has a straight, solid axle. The majority of 4x4s have this configuration, but Jeep has been employing this suspension technology for years.

This design is more robust and is less likely to be harmed by rough terrain. This is because, as its name implies, it is sturdier and requires fewer parts to fix if it needs repairs.

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