Do you need a rental car to explore the Road to Hana? We created this guide just for you.


Exploring Maui’s Road to Hana gives you the chance to travel across one of the most iconic routes on earth. The Road to Hana is a famous route for both locals and tourists. Since you’re considering exploring this route, you’ll most likely need a rental car for the trip.


Can You Drive The Road To Hana In A Rental Car


Let’s find out if you can explore this iconic road when you rent a car on Maui:

Is It Possible To Drive To Hana In A Rental Car?


This is a common question among tourists who are considering exploring the Road to Hana. The answer is Yes! You can drive a rental car on the Road to Hana. You can get a rental car on Maui to explore this beautiful road. Reputable rental car companies such as Bext Maui, provide various rental cars including the Jeep Wrangler.

Road to Hana Rental Car


Choose The Right Rental Car Option


While you can drive a rental car on The Road to Hana, not all cars are suitable for the trip.  Considering how tricky the route is, you need a strong car for the trip. You should go for a dependable vehicle like the Jeep Wrangler. These vehicles are great for navigating the twists and turns of the Hana Highway. The Jeep’s exceptional ground clearance and noise reduction capabilities make it the perfect choice for an exciting trip.


Road To Hana Rental Car Restrictions


While it is possible to drive a rental car on the Road to Hana, there are some car restrictions to keep in mind:


Extent of Insurance Coverage


Make sure your rental car insurance includes coverage for driving on rough and gravel roads before embarking on your trip. Some of the routes on the Road to Hana are dirt roads, it’s important to have adequate insurance coverage on the rental car. Having insurance is key just to play it safe. Here are tips for a Maui memorable road trip with SUV rentals.


Restrictions On How Far You Can Travel With the Rental Car 


Some car rental companies may impose mileage limits or additional charges for driving on specific routes, such as the Road to Hana. Make sure to carefully review your rental agreement for any limitations and plan accordingly.


Condition of The Roads


You’ll find bridges, hairpin turns, and sections with one-way roads. Keep your eye on the road while driving and be prepared for changing road conditions, especially during severe weather.


Limitations On Vehicle Dimensions


Some areas on the Road to Hana have limited parking areas and narrow sections. Consider the size of your rental car when planning your trip, as larger vehicles might have difficulty navigating these areas. Vehicles such as the Jeep Wranglers are perfect for exploring the Road to Hana. If you’re interested in convertibles, here’s how to get the best Maui convertible rentals.


Can I Take My Rental Car Into Hana?


Yes, you can take my rental car to Hana as long as you choose a car rental company that allows that.  Bext Maui Premium Jeep Rental is a reputable Jeep rental company on Maui providing various car rental services. Read more about our car rental services to get started.


Can I Drive To Hana In My Rental Car?


Driving to Hana in your rental car gives you the freedom to discover beautiful scenery and attractions at your own pace. The journey to Hana showcases a range of breathtaking natural landscapes, including cascading waterfalls, dense rainforests, and panoramic ocean scenes.

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