Choosing a jeep rental on Maui is the easiest way to get around the island. You can explore anywhere you want on the island conveniently and at your own pace. Also, with a jeep rental on Maui, you can explore hidden gems from secret waterfalls, to caves, off road adventures and more.


Tips to get the most out of your jeep rental on Maui


Read on to find out key things you can do to get the most of your jeep rental:


Review the contract


Read the fine print before signing the contract jeep rental contract on Maui. You should ask the jeep rental company to remove any surprise add-ons if you don’t need any. Also, read the contract carefully for gas refill costs, cleaning charges, and late fees, which can add up. Reviewing the contract before signing will make it easier for you to decide if the jeep rental on Maui is right for you.


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Book a weekly car rental for a better rate


You might end up needing the jeep for more days than you assume. If you’re yet to make up your mind about how long you want to be on the island, book a weekly car rental for a better rate. Of course, this only works if it coincides with your trip schedule, but weekly vehicle rental discounts can save you a ton of money. We advise looking at rental prices for seven days if you are traveling and may only need a car for a few days to explore the island. This is one of the things you can do to get the most out of your jeep rental on Maui.


Skip the insurance if your policy covers rentals


Do you have a personal auto insurance? If you have one, you’ll most likely have a coverage for a jeep rental on Maui. Also, when you make a reservation using your credit card, some credit card companies usually offer extra insurance. You shouldn’t hesitate to look this up with your credit card company before paying for extra insurance. This is key before choosing any jeep rental on the island.

Photograph the jeep and note all damage


Walk around the jeep before you leave the parking lot and make note of any dents, dings, bumps, or knocks. Verify that the wheels are in good condition, confirm that the spare is present and inflated, and note the mileage.


Also, you should take pictures for backup and get someone at the rental counter to sign a paperwork acknowledging the damage. When you get back, take pictures of the car as well. Take pictures of the wheels, mileage, and each panel. It’s important that you have as much proof as you can.


Compare prices on websites of jeep rental on Maui


The easiest way to find a rental automobile within your price range is to compare prices online using a reliable search engine. In addition to price, you should consider other key criteria such as the type of car, company, automobile specifications, and previous customers reviews. Also, look up destination and travel dates. However, your best bet is to go for a premium jeep rental on Maui such as Bext Jeep Rental.


Choose a driver


If you’re exploring the island with your loved ones, friends, or family members, you should consider choosing one driver whenever you rent a jeep. You’ll have less to worry about insurance and any extra fee for an additional driver if you decide to have just one driver.

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